Who are we?

Enigmoov, based in Strasbourg, began operations in 2022.

Emeline and Thomas, the founders, had already created several personalised treasure hunts and escape games. Whether in their personal or professional lives, they have all been much appreciated. That’s what prompted them to embark on this adventure.

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Emeline Enigmoov


My name is Emeline and I love a challenge!

For me, every day is an opportunity to learn, grow and explore new adventures. I love discovering, challenging myself, going beyond my limits, meeting new people and sharing. It’s what drives me to go further every day.

My childhood and teenage years were spent watching television programmes such as Pekin Express and Fort Boyard. They combine enigmas, physical challenges and the discovery of different cultures, and have always captivated me.

I myself regularly take part in obstacle courses, treasure hunts and Escape Games. And, as you can imagine, I love it!

My profession is training. It echoes another passion: people. I love passing on information and helping people achieve their goals. My favourite subjects are: early childhood, human resources, safety at work, personal development… I make my training courses fun by using game techniques and also by creating treasure hunts or educational escapades.

This job requires me to be creative, organised and adapt to everyone’s needs. These are all very useful skills when it comes to developing tailor-made adventures 😉


What do I bring to Enigmoov? Here’s what Thomas has to say:

Emeline loves undertaking, discovering and sharing. She’s a source of inspiration for people to get out of their comfort zone.

She’s constantly coming up with new ideas that enrich our approach to personalised treasure hunts.

She embodies our mission to stimulate curiosity, encourage exploration and inspire the joy of discovery.


My background is full of diverse experiences. A computer engineer by profession, I’m also an eclectic musician, playing keyboards in various bands and exploring a wide range of musical styles, from classical to progressive rock. My love of music has also led me to share my knowledge by teaching music for many years, reinforcing my passion for passing on and learning.

From an early age, I’ve been fascinated by puzzles and adventures at the ends of the earth. It all started with the TV programme “Treasure Hunt” with Philippe de Dieuleveut. Later, the film “The Game” with Michael Douglas left a deep impression on me. The film tells the story of a businessman caught up in a mysterious game, which fed my attraction for enigmatic adventures.

These sources of inspiration fuelled my passion for creating Enigmoov, a company that offers everyone the chance to experience captivating adventures and solve challenging puzzles. My background in IT has given me technical and logical skills, while my passion for music has given me the creativity to design unique puzzles and adventures.

Thomas Enigmoov