The specialist in tailor-made treasure hunts
and outdoor escape games

Looking for an extraordinary experience? Want to celebrate a special occasion? Need to strengthen the bonds with your team? Or simply want to spice up your daily routine?

Then get in touch with us! We’ll create a tailor-made adventure for you!

Groupe d'amis chasse au trésor personnalisée escape game extérieur carte

Discover our personalised treasure hunts

At Enigmoov, we believe that adventure knows no bounds.

Whether you’re looking for a solo experience full of mysteries, a team adventure working together to solve riddles or overcome challenges, or a frantic race against time, we’ll create the treasure hunt to suit your wishes.

Vieille carte au trésor avec une boussole et un carnet de bord pour chasse au trésor ou escape game

Your top of the range adventure

At Enigmoov, we don’t do ordinary treasure hunts.

Each experience we create is entirely personalised. You define the rules, the level of difficulty, the destination and even the final treasure. We take care of creating your adventure!

To do this, we need to know what you want.

So our customisation process starts with a detailed questionnaire. You’ll give us information about the context, your tastes, your preferences, your ideas and your wishes.

Then our team will work with you to create your tailor-made experience.

loupe décodage énigme escape game chasse au trésor

Strengthen bonds and create unforgettable memories

Would you like to organise a birthday party, a stag or hen party, a family outing, team building for your company, an unforgettable wedding proposal, or a fun way to do some sightseeing?

We’ll tailor your adventure to your expectations, your tastes and your needs, so that you can experience unique moments.

Through our adventures, you can :

– Offer an original, personalised gift,
– Discover new horizons
– Share an excellent moment,
– Go beyond your intellectual and/or physical limits,
– Get out of your comfort zone
– And so much more…

Défi chasse au trésor forêt escape game sur mesure

Ready for your adventure?

Are you ready for a unique adventure? Contact us today to start planning your personalised adventure. Let Enigmoov guide you into a world of mystery, excitement and unforgettable memories.

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