General terms and conditions of sale

1. Purpose

The present general conditions of sale define the modalities according to which Enigmoov proposes its services of creation and sale of personalized treasure hunts. By accepting our services, the client acknowledges having read and accepted the terms and conditions below.

2. Responsibility

Enigmoov declines all responsibility for accidents, injuries or material damage that may occur during participation in our treasure hunts. Participants are responsible for their own safety and must act accordingly.

3. Personalisation with External Service Providers

The personalisation of our treasure hunts with external service providers, such as a photographer or videographer, may be considered on the basis of a quote from the companies concerned. The costs associated with these services are not included in our standard rates and will be invoiced separately in agreement with the service providers.

4. Booking and payment

To book our services, the customer must complete a booking form and make a payment in accordance with the agreed rates and terms. Payments are non-refundable except in the event of cancellation in accordance with our cancellation conditions, specified at the time of booking.

5. Deposit for the use of Equipment

For certain treasure hunts requiring the use of specific equipment provided by Enigmoov, a deposit may be required from the client. This deposit will be reimbursed in full if the equipment is returned in its original condition, without damage or deterioration.

6. Refunds

Enigmoov will not refund any money if participants fail to find the treasure during the treasure hunt or if they express dissatisfaction with the experience. Our treasure hunts are designed to provide entertainment and an experience of discovery, but their success depends on a number of factors, including the skills of the participants. We strive to provide high quality treasure hunts, but we cannot guarantee success or meet all individual expectations.

7. Cancellation of the treasure hunt by the Customer

If the customer cancels the treasure hunt, the deposit paid at the time of booking will not be refunded. The precise cancellation conditions and deadlines will be specified at the time of booking and must be respected.

8. Cancellation due to bad weather

If the treasure hunt cannot take place due to adverse weather conditions with an official weather warning or other unforeseeable circumstances beyond Enigmoov’s control, we will work with the client to reschedule the event at a suitable later date. No refunds will be made for cancellations due to bad weather, but alternative arrangements will be considered.

9. Intellectual Property Rights

All content, puzzles, and materials created by Enigmoov remain the intellectual property of the company. Clients are not authorised to reproduce, distribute or use these contents for commercial purposes without prior written authorisation.

10. Modification of the Conditions

Enigmoov reserves the right to modify these general conditions of sale at any time. The clients will be informed of the modifications by email or through our website.

11. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These general terms and conditions of sale are subject to French law. In the event of a dispute, the courts of the jurisdiction of Enigmoov’s registered office will have exclusive jurisdiction.

By accepting our services, the client acknowledges having read, understood and accepted these general conditions of sale.

12. Company details

Company Manager: Emeline Savariaud
Company address: Enigmoov – Emeline Savariaud / Antigone – 5, rue de la coopérative 67000 Strasbourg

SIRET NUMBER: 51858054300107
APE Code: 7022Z
VAT Intra. FR60518580543

Update date: 31/10/2023