Online communities for treasure hunters

Treasure hunts, whether virtual or outdoor, have captured the imagination of adventurers the world over for generations. With the evolution of technology and the rise of the Internet, treasure hunt enthusiasts have banded together in vibrant online communities, offering a platform for sharing experiences, tips and captivating puzzles. These communities play a crucial role in promoting camaraderie, friendly competition and collaboration within the modern treasure-hunting community. Here’s an overview of the leading online communities for treasure-hunting enthusiasts:


One of the most popular communities for modern treasure hunters is With millions of active members worldwide, offers a user-friendly platform for discovering and hiding “geocaches” in unique locations around the globe. Members share their adventures, discoveries and tips for uncovering new hidden treasures.

2. Reddit – R/Geocaching

Reddit is home to an active community dedicated to treasure hunting known as R/Geocaching. Here, members swap tales of adventure, set puzzles for other members and share tips on best practices for uncovering hidden treasure. The Reddit community is renowned for its warm support and helpful tips for beginners.

3. is a popular online community for treasure hunt enthusiasts in France and other French-speaking countries. The platform offers a wealth of information on current treasure hunts, upcoming events and practical tips for organizers and participants. Members can exchange ideas and strategies for exciting challenges.

4. The Treasure Hunting Forum

The Treasure Hunting Forum is a dynamic online platform that brings together treasure hunting enthusiasts from all over the world. This diverse community provides a space to discuss the latest treasure discoveries, challenges encountered on treasure hunts and advanced techniques for solving complex puzzles. Members also share inspiring stories of their treasure-hunting experiences.

5. The Hint of Riches

The Hint of Riches is specifically dedicated to discussing and solving the riddle of Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure. This passionate community engages in in-depth debate about the clues left by Fenn and shares fascinating theories about the location of the hidden treasure. Members cooperate to decode the clues and advance the quest for the elusive treasure.

By joining one of these online communities, treasure hunt enthusiasts can not only share their passion for adventure and exploration, but also acquire new skills, practical tips and inspiring stories from experienced treasure hunters. The collaborative nature of these online communities strengthens the social fabric of treasure hunting enthusiasts and encourages the discovery of new hidden treasures around the world.