The Masquerade treasure hunt by Kit Williams

The Masquerade Treasure Hunt by Kit Williams: A mysterious and captivating tale

In the 1970s, a sensational treasure hunt captured the imagination of thousands of people around the world. The hunt, known as “Masquerade”, was created by British artist Kit Williams, and has become one of the most famous and complex treasure hunts in modern history.

The story of Masquerade began in 1979, when Williams published an illustrated book of the same name. This book presented a fantastic story accompanied by dazzling illustrations, combining poetry and painting to tell the story of a hare in search of hidden treasure. What made the book so unique, however, was the promise of a real treasure, worth an estimated £5,000 at the time, which had been buried somewhere in Britain. To find it, readers had to solve a complex series of riddles hidden in the book’s illustrations.

The book contained carefully concealed visual and literary clues, requiring careful deciphering to reveal the true location of the treasure. The riddles were based on literary, historical and artistic references, calling on a diverse range of knowledge to solve them. This quickly attracted the interest of puzzle enthusiasts, art lovers and budding adventurers from all over the world.

The treasure hunt sparked a media frenzy, attracting attention from the UK and international media. Amateur and professional treasure seekers embarked on a thrilling quest through Britain’s parks, forests and cities, scouring every clue in the hope of solving the riddle and claiming the coveted prize.

For almost three years, Masquerade became a cultural phenomenon, sparking heated debates and passionate theories about the meaning behind each clue. Finally, in 1982, the treasure hunt was won by a music teacher from Bedfordshire, who solved the final riddle to discover the precise location of the treasure, a gold pendant designed by Williams himself.

However, the end of the treasure hunt was not without controversy. Accusations of cheating were made, but Williams proved that the treasure had indeed been found legitimately. Despite this, the Masquerade treasure hunt has left a lasting legacy, inspiring many other artists, authors and treasure hunters to create similar puzzles and quests. What’s more, it has reinforced the appeal of treasure hunts as a creative way of fusing art, literature and adventure, capturing the imagination of generations of budding explorers around the world.

Kit Williams Masquerade
Kit Williams et son trésor