Why are treasure hunts the new trend in Team Building?

Team Building

The world of work is changing fast, and with it the methods for strengthening team cohesion. Treasure hunts, once considered a children’s game, have become a popular activity for corporate team-building events. But what makes this activity so popular in the workplace? Here are several reasons why treasure hunts are the new trend in team building.

1. Stimulating collaboration

A successful treasure hunt relies on collaboration. Teams must work together to solve puzzles, find clues and achieve their common goal. This group dynamic is essential for developing communication and cooperation skills, crucial in any professional environment.

2. Developing a variety of skills

Treasure hunts call on a wide range of skills. Whether it’s problem-solving, time management, decision-making or creative thinking, each team member can bring his or her strengths to the fore. This diversity of tasks allows everyone to contribute and shine, boosting employee self-esteem and commitment.

3. Team-building

Nothing brings a team together like adventure and challenge. Outside the usual office setting, employees see each other in a different, more playful and less formal context. This shared experience creates common memories and strengthens bonds between colleagues, facilitating better cooperation at work.

4. Flexibility and customization

Treasure hunts can be adapted to suit all team sizes, budgets and environments. Whether in an urban setting, in the wilderness, over the course of a day or a few hours, each hunt can be customized according to the company’s specific needs. This flexibility creates a unique, tailor-made experience.

5. Escape and decompression

Stress at work is a reality for many. A treasure hunt offers a welcome escape, allowing employees to relax and have fun. This playful break is not only good for morale, but can also improve productivity and creativity in the long term.

6. Appropriating the local environment

For companies wishing to incorporate an element of local discovery, treasure hunts are perfect. They enable participants to discover little-known aspects of their environment, whether it’s local history, unusual places or cultural traditions. This educational dimension adds extra value to the activity.

7. Measurable results

Finally, treasure hunts can be designed to include specific objectives and performance indicators. Whether to assess collaboration, speed or innovation, these activities provide valuable data on team dynamics and individual skills. These insights can then be used to improve talent management within the company.



Treasure hunts aren’t just a game, they’re a powerful tool for strengthening teams, developing skills and boosting employee morale. By integrating this activity into your team building events, you offer your employees a unique and rewarding experience that has lasting benefits for your company’s dynamics.

At Enigmoov, we’re experts in creating customized treasure hunts tailored to your needs and objectives. Contact us to organize your next team building event and discover why treasure hunts are the new trend.